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Specialty Optical Fibers and Cables

Specialty Optical Fibers and Cables

Most of our singlemode fibers are grouped together under the ClearLite brand name (designated as CL below). Polarization maintaining fibers are further listed under the TruePhase brand name.

Most OFS Fibers are available cabled to make installation or deployment easier and/or to protect the fibers for long-term use in harsh environments. Simplex, zipcord, multiple fiber, armored, and other constructions are available. We use various material combinations and layers of ETFE, PVC, Polyurethane, and Polyethylene to create cables to meet the demands of the desired application. OFS is compliant with the European RoHS Directive for cable manufacturing.
Crimp & Cleave ST & SMA Termination Kits

Termination Kits, Test Sets and Connectors

OFS Crimp and Cleave termination kits make easy work of connectorizing your specialty optical fibers right in the field without the use of sensitive and messy epoxy polish routines. In most cases, it takes less than two minutes per end with the portable tools contained in these kits. Individual replacement parts are also available; these separate part numbers are listed on the complete kit specification sheets.

Five types of connectors are available for OFS fibers and cables. These connectors are field-installable with our crimp and cleave systems.
TruePhase® IPLM Inline Polarimeter


OFS has a fast growing portfolio in modules, drawing on its vast expertise across fiber design, connectivity, intricate manufacturing processes, vertical integration and continued innovation of specialty products.
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Fibers for Short Pulse Lasers

OFS offers fully fiber based stretcher modules for use in chirp pulse amplifiers. Solutions are available for both the 1 mm Yb and the 1.55 mm Er wavelength range.

OFS offers solutions for dispersion managed femtosecond pulse delivery for the 1.55 mm Er wavelength range.

TrueMode Fiber Laser Cavity

Fiber Laser Building Blocks

OFS' family of building-block products are designed for the construction of fiber-based, high power systems, all from the ground up. These rugged OEM modules incorporate advanced fiber solutions to enable seamless scaling to multi-kW power levels. As requirements change, one can plan with confidence that the parts selected today will match alongside those of tomorrow.
Power Combiners Multimode

Fiber Laser Components

Power Combiners take 7 or 19 input fibers and fuse them to combine their powers into a single output. Variations are available as all-multimode pump fiber inputs or with a single-mode or polarization-maintaining signal fiber input.

Double clad fibers doped with various rare earth elements, such as Erbium, Ytterbium, an Erbium/Ytterbium combination and others, results in desirable properties for end fibers used in certain applications. We add these elements and control the amounts at the preform creation stage in our Somerset, New Jersey, facility.

SEDI-ATI Optical Components

SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques is a major player in Europe in the development and manufacture of custom designed products for the specific requirements of harsh environment applications such as high or low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, chemical and radiation exposure.  The company excels in the manufacture of passive components such as couplers, hermetic feedthroughs, WDM, collimators, metallized pigtails, connectors, and other.
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Custom Optical Products

Many of our standard products can be customized, such as with an unusual NA, a unique color buffer, a specialized connector, and more to meet your specific needs. Worksheets are available to help you make your selections or to help you indicate the specifications you need—with hundreds of standard products, we may have already have exactly what you want available for regular delivery.

Custom fiber, cable, and assembly designs are as much an art as a science. Not all coating choices are compatible with each other. The demands of your end application will ultimately determine the materials, dimensions and other specifications in your final product, and we will review your selections to help ensure the most appropriate, cost-effective design for meeting your needs.

Please contact us at any point in your design process. We’re happy to help guide you toward the fiber optic product that will best work in your application.