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Crimp & Cleave V-Pin (V-System®) Connectors (Blue)

Crimp and Cleave Connectors

OFS Crimp and Cleave V-Pin, ST, SC, SMA, and F07 connectors ideally suited to quick, no epoxy, no polish field terminations and can be installed onto the end of an HCS 200µm and 400µm optical fiber in 2 minutes or less using OFS Crimp and Cleave Termination Kits. The results can be verified immediately using a hand-held Insertion Loss Test Kit.
Crimp & Cleave ST & SMA Termination Kits

Crimp and Cleave Termination Kits

Crimp & cleave termination solution from OFS is known for its strength, durability, and ease of use. The OFS family of HCS® 50, 62.5, 200, and 400 µm fibers, cables, and components are a complete product line, compatible with crimp & cleave termination system using V-Pin, ST, SMA, and F07 Connectors . Associated insertion loss test kits measure performance after termination.
Insertion Loss Test Kit

Insertion Loss Test Kits

OFS’ HCS® fiber family of 50, 62.5, 200, and 400 µm fibers, cables and components are compatible with these test kits. They measure insertion loss across the fiber sizes below and the connector types listed. Each kit includes the corresponding launch jumpers for those cabled connector combinations it measures. Kits are available for single connector and cable types and sizes or for certain preselected combinations.